Kaos'ikii - Dance-Exercise

Origin of Kaos'ikii

Kaos'ikii was invented by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti on 6th September 1978 in Patna, India. It is a new type of devotional and mudraic dance-exercise for women although it is beneficial for both men and women. It has become very popular within a short span of time. Girls and boys should also do it. The practice of the ancient ta'n'd'ava dance-exercise is not suitable for women because of certain physiological constraints. Therefore for women kaos'ikii has come to play an important a role as ta'n'd'ava.

Inner Meaning of Kaos'ikii

While dancing Kaos'ikii one seeks to establish the link between the microcosm and the Macrocosm. This process is commonly known as Mysticism. Kaos'ikii pertains to the innermost self of the individual. The self of the individual is hidden within the innermost kos'as, the layers of existence. Kaos'ikii dance is like the blossoming of the innermost self.
It is a psycho-spiritual dance - it starts on the psychic level and culminates on the spiritual level. It vibrates first the ectoplasmic mind stuff (citta'nu) which in turn becomes concentrated in this process and touches the point of the soul, where Parama Purus'a [the Supreme] resides.

Philosophical Background

"The Operative Principle in the triangle of forces is called Kaos'ikii Shakti or Shiva'nii Shakti, and it's witnessing counterpart, the Cognition, is called Shiva."

"That manifestation, or movement which emerges from the Great, that is, the all-expressive kaos'ikii bindu [primordial point]-- is the first qualified stage of vibration of that Supreme entity."

"This universe originates under the eternal inspiration of Kaos'ikii Shakti and the constant impetus of Bhaeravii Shakti [the first stage of actual expression]. Hence every object of this quinquelemental world is always moving, mobile. Everything is basically dynamic; nothing can be static. Whether microcosmic minds like it or not, they will have to keep moving -- mobility is a universal phenomenon. And for the entities that reside within the scope of time, place and person, staticity means annihilation. Hence movement, or mobility, is essential, movement is a must." Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Kaos'ikii literally refers to force that creates the different kos'as or layers of mind later on in the process of evolution. Kaos'ikii is also associated with the straight linear movement of the primordial creation. Kaos'ikii inspires the active expression of the layers of mind in the first phase of creation and the final transcendence of mind at the returning phase of creation to the non-manifestive state.

The Kaos'ikii dance-exercise awakens the cognitive flame in the darkness of the inert mind. It helps to establish oneself in the world of effulgence overcoming the illusory effect of the layers of the mind. It inspires the objective mind to merge into the subjective mind, then into the pure cosmic mind and finally to move towards the attainment of bliss. In this last stage in the spiritual sphere one comes again in contact with the original kaos'ikii shakti - the primordial force of creation. In this final stage of spiritual practice, the kaoshikii shakti will move in a straight line in the opposite direction to the binding creative force, along the upward movement of kula kun'd'alinii, and finally one will become one with the spiritual effulgence.

Benefits of Kaos'ikii

Human beings suffer from various diseases which create minor obstacles in sa'dhana'[meditation]. Kaos'ikii helps to fight against such petty bodily complaints such as liver disease, etc. which cause inconvenience in sa'dhana'.
This dance is both an exercise and a medicine. It is a sort of panacea for almost all female diseases, and for many male diseases in younger boys. It is a medicine for most liver diseases. It assures safe deliveries for women, and also checks the advent of old age. It is a medicine - an antidote to twenty-two types of diseases:

  1. It exercises all the glands and limbs from head to foot.
  2. It increases longevity.
  3. It makes for easy delivery.
  4. The spine will become flexible.
  5. Arthritis of the spine, neck, waist and other joints will be removed.
  6. Gout in the spine, neck, hands and waist will be lost.
  7. The mind becomes strong and sharp.
  8. Irregularities in menstruation will be cured.
  9. Glandular secretions will become regulated.
  10. Troubles in the bladder and urethra will be cured.
  11. It gives control over the limbs.
  12. It adds charm and shine to the face and skin.
  13. It removes wrinkles.
  14. It removes lethargy.
  15. It cures insomnia.
  16. It cures hysteria.
  17. Fear complexes will be removed.
  18. Hopelessness will be lost.
  19. It helps in self-expression and develops one's potentiality.
  20. Spinal pain, piles, hernia, hydrocele in men, nervous pain, nervous disability will be cured.
  21. It cures kidney and gall bladder troubles, gastric trouble, dyspepsia, acidity, dysentery, syphilis, gonorrhea, obesity, thinness and liver diseases.
  22. It increases the capacity to work until 75 -80 years of age.

Kaos'ikii Costume

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti has selected the colours of green and chocolate/maroon brown as the official dress colours for dancing Kaos'ikii. Such colours as green and chocolate brown are very pleasing to the human eye.
Kaos'ikii has been performed at auspicious celebratory gatherings and as a reception and farewell greeting with dancers dressed in long brown saris or dresses and green shirts.

"Everything in this universe is characterized by certain colours. Knowingly or unknowingly human beings are attracted by these colours. Some such as green and chocolate brown are very pleasing to the human eye. Perhaps you know that these two colours have been selected for those dancing the kaos'ikii dance. Colour has a tremendous influence on everything. When the human mind becomes strong enough not to be affected by any colour, it is called vaera'gya [renunciation]." Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Kaos'ikii as a Competition Exercise

Competition performances in kaos'ikii have been seen as very good and encouraged by Shrii Shrii Anandamuti. He strongly supports competitions as there are benefits in all aspects such as collective inspiration towards aesthetic expression, health, dynamic action and a beneficial social practice. The competitions can be done in gatherings of meditators and as well in the general society.

How to Perform Kaos'ikii

  1. The two hands upraised and folded together represent, 'Now I am trying to establish a link with Parama Purus'a [Supreme Being].'
  2. Both hands bending to the right indicate, 'I know the right way to request You.'
  3. The bending of the body should be at 45-degree angular projection.
  4. The leftward movement represents, 'I know how to fulfill Your demands.'
  5. The movement of bending in front suggests complete surrender.
  6. The backward bending represents, 'I am ready to face all troubles that may come.'
  7. The last 'ta', ta -step' represents, 'O Lord, I repeat Your rhythm.'


"You know that according to the Indo-Aryan custom (commonly called simply "Aryan") there are certain special techniques for moving different parts of the body following a particular system. The heel of the foot is related to the sound 'ta', the ball of the foot to the sound 'dhin', and the toes to the sound 'dhae'. In the kaos'ikii dance all three are utilized to some extent." Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


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