PWSA is a global network of women dedicated to spiritual self-realization and upliftment of the dignity of women in society.

PWSA aims to acquaint women with spiritual practices for everyday life and give guidance in sustainable physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

PWSA encourages women to free themselves from age-old taboos and outdated religious practices and move along rational spirituality.

PWSA supports free and equal educational opportunities, provisions for economic and social security and no discrimination in the social, educational and religious realms.

PWSA promotes the ideal of one human family by barring all divisive factors such as castism, gender disparities and other social injustices.

PWSA raises public consciousness for the protection of life, property and liberty of all peace loving people.

“The auspicious signs of the awakening of women are clearly visible in every sphere of social life”

--Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar

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