"Speaking our Ideology"
Using Language Consciously to Support Our Vision


"Consciousness can't evolve faster than language ... evolving language is evolving reality," - Terence McKenna


"Speaking our Ideology," means using words & images that …

  • Include all people's contribution to history
  • Promote mutual empowerment rather than power-over
  • Promotes sustainable relations with the earth
  • Respect the histories, struggles & needs of diverse groups and individuals
  • Use humor to heal, not to wound or ridicule
  • Assume we are doing the best we know how
  • Emphasize unity while honoring diversity
  • Promote the full flowering of every individual
  • Honor human differences, individual and cultural
  • Respect all beings, human and other
  • Emphasize cooperation, not competition in describing human nature
  • Assume women and men are equal not opposite
  • Are free of racial, ethnic and religious bias
  • Emphasize on mutual benefit rather than win/lose metaphors.
  • Minimize win/lose metaphor. Emphasis on mutual benefit and resolution
  • Referring to groups by the names they choose for themselves for example: Afro-Americans
  • Replacing 'male-centered' words with neutral ones, instead of 'man-made' use 'mind-made', instead of 'brotherhood' use 'community', instead of 'kingdom' use 'kindom.'
  • Equal use of female and male examples such as 'brothers and sisters' use equally with 'sisters and brothers'.
  • Avoid possessive/dominator language. For example: Instead of 'my workers in my sector' use 'the workers in our sector'
  • Avoiding domineering language for example:
    • instead 'to get work out of somebody,' replace with 'to believe someone can do this or that'
    • instead 'make understand' replace with 'explain'
    • instead 'I want you to give me…' replace with ' could you please give me…'
    • instead 'I want to make you a good ….' replace with, 'I trust that you have in you to be a good …..'

  • Use "and" not "but". Consider what is implied by "She is intellectual but hard working" (Intellectual is considered a putdown, invalidation and taken as inferior to hard working). Say, "she is intellectual and hard working."
  • 'Down trodden humanity' - not all are downtrodden, and those who are may not like to be called as such, - better to say 'people who are in need of ….'


"Language and culture are on a feedback loop; changing one changes the other in complex interactional ways." M.J. Hardman





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